Best Organizers For a Small Garage

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Take Back Your Garage!

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Today, we’re talking about the best organizers you can use for any garage but especially for a small garage.

How would you like to pull into your garage and be able to retrieve packages from the trunk or back seat and not have to walk sideways to get to the door of the house?  Been there…done that!

Well, it can all happen if you just designate one weekend – maybe even one day – to getting out there and make it happen!


Do you need to declutter?

First things first, of course. If you’ve got a garage full of clutter the first thing you need to do is sort it all out.

First, sort everything into three piles:

1. Toss – things to toss include broken toys, broken tools and anything that is beyond repair. To make tossing things easier, consider buying a Bagster (Dumpster in a Bag).  You can get them at home improvement stores or online. They’re pretty slick, actually. You fill it up, call for a pickup and there you go! No more trash. 

2. Sell or Donate – If you haven’t used it for more than a year, you probably don’t need it. Have a garage sale. Maybe your neighborhood has an annual yard sale for spring cleaning.

This is a good way to involve the family. Kids will be happy to help if they think they can make a little money from their old treasures.

At the end of the sale, donate those items left to a charity. Many of them are happy to come to collect leftovers especially if it’s a neighborhood sale.

3. Keep – After sorting everything that’s going to go (one way or another), you’ll be able to see what needs to fit into the space in the garage.

That’s where a good storage system comes into play.  You can choose from wall organizers, storage cabinets and overhead storage. Here are some suggestions for the best organizers you can buy.

Wall Storage Solutions 

There are a number of ways to organize wall space. Easy and cheap ideas include:Pegboard Storage in a garage

Pegboard – tools, garden supplies, sports equipment are just some of the things you can hang on hooks from pegboard. The beauty of this is that you can change things around if you need to.

• Old School Lockers – school lockers are a no-brainer if you have the room. Anything that you want out of the way from sports equipment, Christmas or holiday decorations, anything out-of-season, cleaning supplies, etc.

• Folding Work Table – This is a real space saver if you have a wall to mount it on. Can be a work table, garden table, whatever!

If you mount it below wall storage like pegboard, you’ll have a really handy workbench with the tools you need within reach. I think that’s brilliant!

50 (count ’em) Small Garage Storage Ideas

This video is amazing. If you can’t find a garage storage solution in this less than 5 minute video, I’ll eat my hat!

Ready-made bestsellers

Good choices from your local building supply store include these popular choices:

The product description of this Rough Rack 4×4 Tool Rack states:

All racks are Constructed of welded powder coated steel and hold over 100lbs of equipment Perfect for both home and commercial use – garage, maintenance facilities etc.”The reviews are excellent – check them out. Think of everything you can store on the walls and a couple of these should do the trick!

Overhead Storage

Honestly, if you can put your garage ceiling to use, you’ll be amazed at the number of things you can get out of your way.

This video from Jay’s Custom Creations gives step by step instructions for creating overhead storage in your garage.

Cabinets and Counters for the Garage

How about this beauty! AND…as of this post, Amazon is offering free shipping!

  • 1 multi-use locker, 2 wall cabinets, 1 base cabinet, 1 rolling tool cabinet and one 48 in. Stainless steel worktop and the dimensions are 78 in. W x 18 in. D x 77.25 in. H
  • The doors have full length handles with locks.

You can get variations on this theme, also…just figure out what your needs are and browse what’s available.  Most of these require at least some assembly.  One of the nice things about this is that often you’re eligible for free shipping.

So there are tons of possible solutions for garage storage.  Here are some of the other pieces to consider.

Now that you’ve got the garage problem solved, you might want to evaluate the room you have inside your home!

I’ve have listed lots of suggestions on how to do that in the post How to Get More Space Without Moving.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments if you agree that these are the best storage solutions for small garages.  Or any size garage..

If you’ve found other solutions for garage or storage rooms or have suggestions, please let me know that, as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Best Organizers For a Small Garage

  1. thefolia says:

    The garage is always the last on the list to tackle, but if we have an attached garage we pull up to it everday and see it for all its worth. Therefore it does set the tone even before entering the nest. You have some great ideas…happy organizing.

    • Cheryl Kohan says:

      Thank you for the kind comment and for stopping by! There are so many useful organizing options for the garage that it makes sense to give some of them a try!.

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