Best Plants for Small Spaces

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The Benefits of Live Plants

Indoors or out, plants are healthy and beautiful additions to all homes but especially small spaces.


Well, the health benefits are probably the biggest reasons. Plants can purify the air, increase humidity, release oxygen, and reduce levels of carbon dioxide.

Personally, just having live plants in my home makes me happy and relaxed. You’ve all heard that talking to plants is good for them. Well, I believe that.

Did you know…?

The website Tips Bulletin has an article on this very subject. It’s  17 Amazing Houseplants That Clean The Air.

Something I didn’t know is that Chrysanthemums are air-cleaners, too.  Here’s a snippet from their website about that:

These colorful Chrysanthemum plants can do more than just brighten a room with their vivid colors; they are also great for getting rid of indoor air pollutants.

They are mainly excellent at filtering out benzene, which is a common ingredient in paint, glue, plastics, and detergents. Place this plant in bright light to encourage the buds to open.

Pretty convincing, wouldn’t you say?

Plants are a fabulous way to add visual beauty and warmth to a home.

Consider these easy-to-grow indoor plants:

Not only are they easy-to-grow…they also thrive with very little natural light AND purify the air!

  • Spider Plant
  • Dracaena
  • Weeping Fig (Ficus)
  • Boston Fern
  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Snake Plant
  • Pothos and Ivy
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Jade Plants and other succulents

The bathroom is one of the best rooms in the house to have plants! Plants love the moisture and are healthy, to boot. Plus, having plants in the bathroom adds visual warmth and a natural decorating element.

Pet-Friendly Houseplants

Pothos and philodendron are so easy to grow…you can’t kill them. On the other hand, both are toxic to pets. I mention these because they’re the most common houseplants that everyone seems to have.

There are, however, many plants that pet-friendlyYou can find photos of each of these at Savvy Gardening.

  1. Spider Plant – easy to grow, as well.
  2. Bamboo
  3. Boston Fern
  4. African Violet
  5. Swedish Ivy
  6. Prayer Plant
  7. Phalaenopsis Orchids (plus they’re actually edible!)
  8. Peperomia (so many varieties of peperomia)
  9. Christmas Cactus

How to grow plants for food indoors

Here’s an article from a Houzz contributor on how to grow food indoors.

Now, I do realize that in a small space some of these ideas aren’t practical but there are some doable suggestions.


I’m going to try growing herbs in wall pots, for example. I live in Arizona so summer is too hot for some plants, outside.

Luckily, I have a real grapefruit tree in my small backyard and my neighbor has a lemon tree so I’m all set for citrus. The lemon tree pictured in the article would be a perfect size to grow indoors in a cooler climate.

Unique ways to decorate with houseplants

This tablescape, for example…the textures of the plants and that sweet orange cupboard sure do add life to that room, don’t they?

More suggestions:

  • If you’ve got space above your cabinets or on the top of an armoire, fill those spaces with greenery.
  • How about arranging plants inside a non-working fireplace.
  • Group hanging planters filled with greenery on a wall instead of a picture or wall hanging.
  • A variety of potted herbs in your kitchen will be handy for adding to recipes and pretty, too.
  • An awkward corner will be transformed into a focal point with a large potted plant.
  • Air plants are ideal for small spaces and require absolutely no fussy care.
Mini Macrame Triple Planter
Mini Macrame Triple Planter (Etsy)


Here’s a video showing 25 Simple Ways to Decorate with Houseplants.  It’s short and there’s no dialogue.  The music makes for a nice background. I think you’ll like it.

Plants and Candles

Most designers agree that using plants and candles in home decor add life to your space.  I don’t feel like a room or home is fully decorated without plants and candles.

You know, even if you don’t have a green thumb (or think you don’t) there are so many houseplants requiring little care. Try arranging a few houseplants here and there in your small space.

5 Houseplants you can’t kill

This online article from Dwell is good. If you have trouble keeping plants alive (I do) then read this:

5 Houseplants You Can’t Kill.  

Well, that’s it. I hope you found a tip or two that you can use. How have you used plants in your home?  Would love to know if you’ve found other easy to grow plants that I haven’t mentioned here.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any suggestions or want to share your thoughts, do leave a message in the comments.

Stay tuned.

(Updated 4/23/2019)

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Sources: NASA Spinoff, NBC News, Balcony Garden Web, Tips Bulletin

Updated 2/19/2019

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6 thoughts on “Best Plants for Small Spaces

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Just before a couple of months, I was intrigued by the idea of having houseplants at my home after reading an article about increasing air pollution. Also, I have always been fascinated by the idea of growing food indoors. However, to be honest I have never got around doing anything about it yet.

    But thanks to your article which today reminded me about the importance of houseplants once again and I have pulled up my socks that this time I will surely be bringing in some houseplants to start with.

    I would have been confused about what houseplants should I be bringing in but your article has made it easier for me to decide. 

    Thanks a lot


    • CherylK says:

      Well, thanks, Nick! So glad you found something useful and I’m happy that I provided the nudge you needed to get yourself going on your plant projects!

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me…always happy to help, if I can.


  2. Nate MC says:

    I’m actually a fan of spider plants. In my opinion, they are low in maintenance, look great and can add a bit of life into a living room, which is where I prefer to have them lol.

    Not really big on snake plants or jade plants though. How do you feel about them?

    • CherylK says:

      Hi Nate, 

      I love spider plants, too, and asparagus ferns. They’re easy to care for and look pretty. I do really like jade plants AND snake plants although I have never had great luck with snake plants. No idea why that is. 

      Succulents are rapidly becoming my go-to plants since I’ve recently moved to Arizona.  I’ll probably a do a post on them at some point. Thanks for stopping and for the comment!


  3. Josie says:

    This is a really great article! I love having house plants, and I haven’t had any for quite a long time after I moved home and got a dog. Now that I have a dog, I’ve been looking for some houseplants that are safe for the dog, but that also can’t be killed! Are any of your pet friendly plant suggestions unkillable?

    • CherylK says:

      Josie, I think “unkillable” will depend on several things…make sure you’ve got them in a good location and that you’re giving them the right amount of water, etc. When you buy plants, there’s usually a “care guide”. As much as I love plants, I’m guilty of killing them from time to time! So good luck! Thanks much for stopping by. 


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