Bar Carts are Still Hot!

Call me old fashioned bar cartBar Carts – A New Idea for Home Decor

We’ve discussed the importance of multi-purpose furnishings for small spaces. There are multitudes of multi-purpose pieces but one of the hottest is the bar cart!

By the way, do you love this Call Me Old Fashioned Wall Art?  I sure do! I ordered one for myself and it’s a real conversation starter. To be honest, an Old Fashioned is my favorite cocktail.

This print is:

  • Professionally printed on 100lb paper
  • Paper is acid-free with a smooth finish
  • Archival inks guaranteed to be fade-resistant for 100 years

Bar carts/serving carts are perfect for almost every room in your home.

Obviously, the bar cart is meant to be..well, a bar cart! It will look lovely in your dining or living area but, more important, it’s excellent storage…especially if cupboard space is lacking. Plus it’s super easy to move wherever the party is happening.

Use one in the kitchen as a place to store baskets and serving pieces. The top can double as a countertop for rolling out cookie dough or whipping up a batch of muffins.

In a bathroom as a spot for fluffy towels and bath salts and a bouquet of flowers! Pretty as can be and useful, too.

In a bedroom as a nightstand! In an office area for whatever you need to have within reach.

Here are two of my favorites:

Myra Rustic Bar Cart

This wood and metal bar cart from Tribecca Home is rustic but elegant and easily fits in a contemporary or traditional room.

The top tray is removable and it has two locking wheels.   Plus, it boasts these custom features:

1. Poplar wood and black sand metal materials

2. Wineglass inserts, tray top, bottom storage, metal hardware pulls, two (2) locking wheels

3. Tray top depth: 2.86 inches Bottom storage depth: 5.86 inches

I must tell you that Amazon has dozens and dozens of Bar Carts for whatever your particular style is…contemporary, traditional, funky, rustic…you name it and I promise you’ll find just what you’re looking for to round out the decor in your small space.

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, shipping is fast and free!

Here’s a classy contemporary cart.  It’s chrome with black tempered glass shelves.  Since it’s on wheels (most of them are) it could easily be wheeled onto your deck or patio for an outdoor party or barbecue.our

There are many ways to use a bar cart…as a nightstand, a coffee station, a plant stand, etc.

You must check out these great photos and ideas in this Apartment Therapy post:  7 Other Ways to Use a Bar Cart

You’ll find an idea that’ll work for you that you haven’t even thought of!

Build Your Own Barcart Tutorial!

I’ve just found a clever DIYer who has posted a tutorial for constructing your own bar cart. Here’s the link:  DIY Outdoor Rolling Bar Cart  

I think I’d like to use the copper tubing just the way it is but painting it black is a fine idea, too. What do you think?

Do you have a bar cart or serving cart that you’re using for it’s traditional purpose or in a unique way? I’d love to see photos.

Please do comment and if you have a question, I’ll be happy to give you my best answer!

(Edited 9/21/2018)

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The Best Gadgets for Small Kitchens

Space Savers for Small Kitchens

Photo of Kitchen Gadgets

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There are all kinds of space saving utensils, gadgets, pots & pans, tools, etc. to save space in kitchens. These suggestions are my favorites.

If the gadgets or tools you use in your small kitchen are multipurpose, that’s a bonus.

For example, my cast iron skillets…I love them.  I actually have three different sizes. They’re perfect for the stovetop because the heat is conducted evenly throughout the skillet. Plus, they’re easily moved into the oven.



I’ve had my skillets (pictured) for years but you can pick them up at flea markets, resale shops, thrift stores, or you can buy new cast iron skillets lots of places.

Amazon offers a Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set. (6.25 inch, 7.8 inch, 10 inch).

I like to sear either a beef or pork roast or brown pieces of chicken and then put the skillet in the oven with some root vegetables, and finish the dish in the oven. Yum!

Look for anything that “nests”…bowls, measuring cups, baskets.IMG_0167

My daughter has a set of nesting bowls like these and I liked them so much I bought my own! Got them at Cost Plus World Market (not an affiliate).

They’re big enough for a generous serving of soup or chili or cereal. I even zap oatmeal in these.

You can buy similar stacking mugs on Amazon. (affiliate)

I’m partial to these mixing bowls because there are four sizes, they’re see-thru, and they have lids so I can use them as storage bowls, too.

Anything that nests is a good choice.

Nesting serve-ware, nesting cookware, nesting glassware…well, you get the idea.


Stacking containers are probably my favorite space savers.

Look for stacking containers with lids for your pantry and refrigerator.

Seriously, have you ever tried to stack something in your fridge on top of a bowl with plastic wrap or foil?  I mean, that’s just asking for trouble!

I have this set and I love, love, love them!  Mine have different color lids. They snap shut and stay shut. No spilling or tipping over.

Waaay better than plastic wrap or foil!

These are sturdy PLUS:

  • microwave safe
  • oven safe (not the lids)
  • and freezer safe.

More Easy & Useful Ideas

HOOKS – I just can’t say enough good things about hooks in the kitchen.

Under the sink, inside cabinet doors, etc.  Even inside cabinets either on the back wall or side walls. Removable hooks are the best.

Kitchn Hooks Pic.The Kitchn recently posted an article 12 Ways to Use Command Hooks in the Kitchen and they’re all pretty darned good.

If you always prepare dishes in the same space or on a kitchen island, why not place hooks on the wall behind the countertop or on the side of the island for hanging measuring spoons and cups.


I have hooks just inside my pantry door for my aprons. Yes, I use aprons…I’m a good cook and a good baker but I’m messy!

POT RACKS are excellent space savers. They can be hung on a wall, the ceiling, over a kitchen island or above a cabinet.

OVER THE SINK CUTTING BOARDSGreat for a couple of reasons. You can prepare veggies or fruits and push the scraps right into the garbage disposal. Some of them fit on one side of the sink, beautifully, and offer an extra work surface!

You can buy collapsible colanders, collapsible graters, collapsible whisks…and probably a dozen more gadgets that are easy to store.

MAGNETIC STRIPS attached to the wall above your countertops can be used as a knife holder, for storing whisks and other magnetic tools.

You could use a strip to store magnetic spice jars. Some people put their magnetic spice containers right on their refrigerators. That wouldn’t work for me, though. Pretty sure I’d knock them off on a regular basis.
There are so many choices. Anything that isn’t multi-purpose or easily stored should probably be evaluated for its usefulness.

Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Small Spaces has additional ideas for kitchen storage. No gadgets in that post but great ideas to incorporate with the suggestions here.

Your thoughts?

So what other space-saving cooking tools do you think should be included, here. What works for you?  I’d love to include your ideas so leave them in the comments or send me an email.

As always, thanks for stopping by…stay tuned!



Best Organizers For a Small Garage

(Updated 9/21/2018)

Take Back Your Garage!

tidy garage

Today, we’re talking about the best organizers you can use for any garage but especially for a small garage.

How would you like to pull into your garage and be able to retrieve packages from the trunk or back seat and not have to walk sideways to get to the door of the house?  Been there…done that!

Well, it can all happen if you just designate one weekend – maybe even one day – to getting out there and make it happen!

Do you need to declutter?

First things first, of course. If you’ve got a garage full of clutter the first thing you need to do is sort it all out.

Sort everything into three piles:

1. Toss – things to toss include broken toys, broken tools and anything that is beyond repair. To make tossing things easier, consider buying a Bagster (Dumpster in a Bag).  You can get them at home improvement stores or online. They’re pretty slick, actually. You fill it up, call for a pickup and there you go! No more trash. 

2. Sell or Donate – If you haven’t used it for more than a year, you probably don’t need it. Have a garage sale. Maybe your neighborhood has an annual yard sale for spring cleaning.

This is a good way to involve the family. Kids will be happy to help if they think they can make a bit of money from their old treasures.

At the end of the sale, donate those items left to a charity. Many of them are happy to come collect leftovers especially if it’s a neighborhood sale.

3. Keep – After sorting everything that’s going to go (one way or another), you’ll be able to see what needs to fit into the space in the garage.

That’s where a good storage system comes into play.  You can choose from wall organizers, storage cabinets and overhead storage. Here are some suggestions for the best organizers you can buy.

Wall Storage


The product description of this Rough Rack 4×4 Tool Rack states:

All racks are Constructed of welded powder coated steel and hold over 100lbs of equipment Perfect for both home and commercial use – garage, maintenance facilities etc.”

The reviews are excellent – check them out. Think of everything you can store on the walls and a couple of these should do the trick!

Overhead Storage

Honestly, if you can put your garage ceiling to use, you’ll be amazed at the number of things you can get out of your way.

This video from Jay’s Custom Creations gives step by step instructions for creating overhead storage in your garage.

Cabinets and Counters for the Garage

How about this beauty! AND…as of this post, Amazon is offering free shipping!

  • 1 multi-use locker, 2 wall cabinets, 1 base cabinet, 1 rolling tool cabinet and one 48 in. Stainless steel worktop and the dimensions are 78 in. W x 18 in. D x 77.25 in. H
  • The doors have full length handles with locks.

You can get variations on this theme, also…just figure out what your needs are and browse what’s available.  Most of these require at least some assembly.  One of the nice things about this is that often you’re eligible for free shipping.

So there are tons of possible solutions for garage storage.  Here are some of the other pieces to consider.

Now that you’ve got the garage problem solved, you might want to evaluate the room you have inside your home!

I’ve have listed lots of suggestions on how to do that in the post How to Get More Space Without Moving.

I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments if you agree that these are the best storage solutions for small garages.  Or any size garage..

If you’ve found other solutions for garage or storage rooms or have suggestions, please let me know that, as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned!

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Clever Uses for Shower Caddies

What can you do with shower caddies besides holding soap and shampoo?

(Updated 9/21/2018)

Some time ago I donated two perfectly good shower caddies that I didn’t need since I’ve replaced the showers in both bathrooms and there are shelves integrated into the walls.

Now I see that House has posted nine clever uses for shower caddies that are pure genius. Wish I’d noticed this before donating mine.

Here are four clever uses.

kitchen caddy

Use one for kitchen tools!

For example, this clever kitchen helper was the brainchild of blogger Holly from Down to Earth Style.

She has a tutorial on how to convert it from a shower caddy into a useful kitchen storage piece.  Holly has this hanging on the side of her kitchen island which is quite brilliant!

She also has a tutorial on how she created that kitchen island.

Use one or two as planter shelves!

Here’s a terrific idea if you have a small balcony…hang this little planter shelf on one of the walls.

wall planter

Or group two or three of them on a wall or fence.   You could have small pots of fresh herbs!

Also, perfect for air plants…I love air plants.  My house is a bit dark so finding a spot for plants with enough light is tricky.

Plus I do travel and air plants need no care.

For more information on how to create this pretty shower caddy garden go to P&G Everyday.

ribbon caddyUse one as a gift wrap & ribbon organizer!

Here’s another clever transformation…and one that I fully intend to implement myself!  My craft/gift wrap closet is not pretty.

I’m forever untangling ribbon that has managed to escape from the spool. This ribbon caddy is a good solution.  I’ll hang it on the inside of the door to the closet.

House Beautiful found the original on Charlotte Meyn’s website.  She’s a designer and her website is Sonoma Decorative Arts.  This is something she created for the San Francisco Designer Showhouse.

Hair Dryer Caddy…excellent!

Diply gets the credit for this suggestion. Definitely worth a try.

What other ways could shower caddies be repurposed?

So, I’m thinking that you’ll be able to come up with other great hacks for shower caddies.  I sure do wish I had those two that I gave away.

On the other hand, since I donated them to a charity shop, I know they’ll be put to good use.

What other home organizers could be repurposed into something else?

You could put wheels on the bottom of a drawer and use it for under-the-bed storage, for example.

You’ll find lots of ideas like these on Pinterest, too. In fact, I’ve written a post about Decorating Ideas From Pinterest … check that out, as well.

If you’ve got a project or two that you’ve completed, please share it in the comments.   Thanks so much for stopping by.