The First Electric Mixer and A Frosting Recipe

I was going through an old recipe box and found this scrap of paper. My grandmother (Clara Alice) wrote this recipe for Fluffy Frosting to share with someone…no idea who that would have been, but I had to chuckle when I read the last two sentences, “It makes a lot of frosting. I suggest you have Read More

Compact Dishwashers for Small Kitchens

Why you might need a compact dishwasher: If you actually like washing dishes by hand, you have my utmost respect! I personally don’t know anybody who really likes to wash dishes by hand.  It’s time consuming and messy, right? That’s where buying a compact dishwasher for small kitchens might make sense. Compact dishwashers are eco-friendly Read More

Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Multi-purpose storage ideas = smart decorating. It doesn’t matter what size room you’re furnishing but it’s especially smart when your space is small.  It’s all about Smart Storage

Gifts Under $40 from Etsy

Here’s the thing about Etsy. On the website, there’s this definition: Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. There’s no Etsy warehouse – just millions of people selling the things they love. We make the whole process easy, helping you connect directly with makers Read More

How to Use Color in Small Spaces

Color Basics & Theory Remember when you got your first box of Crayons? I do. It was a box of 24 and I thought it was the best thing ever! I created colorful clothes for my paper dolls. I drew pictures and colored them to match whatever my mood was at that particular time. Color Read More