Clever Uses for Shower Caddies

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What can you do with shower caddies besides holding soap and shampoo?

(Updated 1/9/2019)

Some time ago I donated two perfectly good shower caddies that I didn’t need since I’ve replaced the showers in both bathrooms and there are shelves integrated into the walls.

Now I see that House has posted nine clever uses for shower caddies that are pure genius. Wish I’d noticed this before donating mine.

Here are four clever uses.

kitchen caddy

Use one for kitchen tools!

For example, this clever kitchen helper was the brainchild of blogger Holly from Down to Earth Style.

She has a tutorial on how to convert it from a shower caddy into a useful kitchen storage piece.  Holly has this hanging on the side of her kitchen island which is quite brilliant!

She also has a tutorial on how she created that kitchen island.

Use one or two as planter shelves!

Here’s a terrific idea if you have a small balcony…hang this little planter shelf on one of the walls.

wall planter

Or group two or three of them on a wall or fence.   You could have small pots of fresh herbs!

Also, perfect for air plants…I love air plants.  My house is a bit dark so finding a spot for plants with enough light is tricky.

Plus I do travel and air plants need no care.

For more information on how to create this pretty shower caddy garden go to P&G Everyday.

ribbon caddyUse one as a gift wrap & ribbon organizer!

Here’s another clever transformation…and one that I fully intend to implement myself!  My craft/gift wrap closet is not pretty.

I’m forever untangling ribbon that has managed to escape from the spool. This ribbon caddy is a good solution.  I’ll hang it on the inside of the door to the closet.

House Beautiful found the original on Charlotte Meyn’s website.  She’s a designer and her website is Sonoma Decorative Arts.  This is something she created for the San Francisco Designer Showhouse.

Hair Dryer Caddy…excellent!

Diply gets the credit for this suggestion. Definitely worth a try.

If you have a mudroom, you might want to have a shower caddy for each person in your family.  It would be a good place to put gloves, hats, and backpacks.

In the kitchen, you could put a shower caddy inside a pantry cupboard for onions, potatoes, etc.

What other ways could shower caddies be repurposed?

So, I’m thinking that you’ll be able to come up with other great hacks for shower caddies.  I sure do wish I had those two that I gave away.

On the other hand, since I donated them to a charity shop, I know they’ll be put to good use.

What other home organizers could be repurposed into something else?

You could put wheels on the bottom of a drawer and use it for under-the-bed storage, for example.

You’ll find lots of ideas like these on Pinterest, too. In fact, I’ve written a post about Decorating Ideas From Pinterest … check that out, as well.

If you’ve got a project or two that you’ve completed, please share it in the comments.   Thanks so much for stopping by.

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8 thoughts on “Clever Uses for Shower Caddies

  1. Wow, These are all quite genius ideas. I always am the one to say, I could have figured that out, or Why didn’t I think of that, but then I am not very crafty. I do not have the mind for this, but sure can appreciate those that do. Awesome ideas. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Such a great idea! I would be kicking myself, too. Such cute ideas! I love your post and your site, you have done a great job.

  3. Cheryl, I very much like the look of your blog. And I have used hanging shower baskets for kitchen storage… As a chef to trade. It’s great to see someone repurposing something.

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