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Pinterest LogoFind Small Space Decorating Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is a goldmine for small space decorating ideas. 

If I’m looking for a recipe or beautiful artwork or a clever quotation, I can always find dozens of ideas on Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social networks. It’s kind of the photo equivalent of Twitter!

My Pinterest Boards include Small Space Solutions, Home Style, Kitchens, Inspired Garden Ideas.

Except that instead of short 140 character posts, Pinterest is a collection of small photos representing dozens of interests.

For example, if I need ideas for storage in a small bedroom, kitchen or garage or a DIY tutorial for repurposing a dresser or buffet, I’ll check Pinterest, first.

Desert Landscape
Desert Landscape

I live in Arizona and recently bought a small house. The winter climate in Arizona is ideal but summers are sizzling so it was important for me to find landscaping ideas suitable for my small yard.

Pinterest was the first place I looked and I created a board called Arizona Landscaping Ideas. I’m still working on my landscaping but if you check out the ideas I’ve gathered, you’ll see that the desert can be just beautiful!

Search Pinterest for Small Space DIY Projects

I have a Pinterest board called Small Space Solutions where I post photographs and links that are excellent ideas for maximizing small spaces.  Like this clever idea for organizing jewelry:

Several of my related boards are:

Architectural Elements

Pinterest architecture

Home Style


Beautiful Homes, Inside and Out 

(including lots of small cottages/tiny houses)

pinterest beautiful tiny

Brilliant Miscellaneous Ideas

Pinterest Brilliant

Inspired Garden Ideas

Pinterest garden

Nearly every day I find something new to “pin”!

So check out my links and then join me on Pinterest…register if you aren’t there, already.

Then, let me know in the comments what your link is. I’d love to follow you.

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