Living Large in a Small Space

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The primary challenge for living large in a small space is how to create a warm and inviting home while finding the best use for every square inch without creating clutter.

That’s quite a challenge, wouldn’t you agree?  But it’s not impossible.  It might just be the most rewarding home project you’ve tackled in a long time.  What a feeling of satisfaction you’ll have when you stand back and realize what you’ve accomplished!

Here’s a video I think you’ll enjoy.  The end result is quite inspiring.

This is the living/dining room, of course, but it’s the space where they spend the most time.

I love the table which can be used as a desk but expanded when you are entertaining. The wall mounted cabinets were a stroke of genius and created a perfect spot for the bicycles.

The only change I might suggest is that they swap out the sofa for a daybed which could be used as a guest bed.

Please share your thoughts on these ideas…I’d love to include your suggestions here, as well.

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8 thoughts on “Living Large in a Small Space

  1. I think I currently live in Ikea as there are such great ideas in there – especially with cabinets being off the floor and use of space. I moved to a new apartment last year – it has 3 bedrooms but I moved from a 5 bedroom, 3 storey house (with garage) so I got a bit used to having too much storage (ie you become a bit of a pack rat). Since moving I think i have just bought almost everything from Ikea. Now I am thinking of changing my large glass and chrome dining table to one of the small drop leaf tables so I can use it for my laptop or as a dining table plus it wont take up so much space.

    I also found that I had a small kitchen with very little counter space – Ikea do these Stenstorp mobile kitchen islands and I have use two of these – one as an island and the other against a wall

    • Yes, Evie, Ikea is a great source for affordable ideas. I completely remodeled my kitchen with Ikea cabinets and am pleased with the results. Thanks for your feedback on this post!

  2. Great video and ideas for using a small living area effectively! I had a tiny apartment once and, really, storage and things that could expand or retract were lifesavers. I love that extendable table they used for the video, for example.

    Even now that I have a bigger living space, I still love my old sofabed couch. It’s so handy when people come to visit, and there’s even a little nook in it to store bed linens in!

    • Hi Samantha! Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about sofabeds…they’re so sensible! I love that table, too. So glad you enjoyed this post!

  3. Cheryl,
    Very good use of small space. The shelf over the bikes was a great idea. I think the idea of a daybed would work well for any extra company that came over.
    Making extra space in a small room is something that does take some talent.
    I have never seen a table that expanded the way this one does. It works well in this space.

    • Thank you for stopping by, John! I really appreciate your feedback. It’s important to me to learn if my suggestions have real merit!

  4. There was a TLC show about this a l long time ago. I think trading spaces was the name of it. You might be able to get some good ideas from them. This is a great page though and I love the video. Videos are always a great thing to have. I am sure one day if I am lucky enough to have a wife, she will be busy looking at things like this.

    • Well, thank you, very much! I remember Trading Spaces…it was lots of fun. I thought it was off the air, now, but I’ll see if it’s still running somewhere.

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