Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Multi-Purpose Furnishings = Smart Storage = Smart Decorating

It’s true!

It doesn’t matter one whit what size room you’re furnishing but it’s especially smart when your space is small.  

It’s all about Smart Storage

In the living room, bedroom, study…

  • Small chests make great side tables in the bedroom or living room.
  • A small chest is a good place to store books, magazines, and that remote control that’s forever getting lost.
  • Place a small chest by your front door, hang a mirror over it, add a small lamp and you’ve created an attractive and useful entryway.
  • A basket for mail could sit on top.
  • Mittens, hats, keys, maps, etc. can be stashed in the drawers for use when you need them but out of the way when you don’t.

In the Kitchen…

Read that article and you’ll see that there are brass pot rails, copper pot rails, pegged pot rails, chrome pot rails. I think you can find a pot rail to blend with just about any decor theme you’ve got in your kitchen!

Kitchen with brass pot rail.

  • Another option for kitchen wall storage is to use pegboard on a wall for utensils, etc. Like this idea.

Pegboard in Kitchen

Extra Small Space Storage Options…


Don’t forget about your cabinets and cupboards…baskets are perfect for keeping small items together.  I recently reorganized my daughter’s pantry and used wire baskets for all the different categories.

  • Potatoes and onions went into their own baskets on the floor.
  • Snack bags and boxes were all grouped together in two baskets…one behind the other on the deep shelves.
  • Seasonings, pasta, rice, and cereal were all given new baskets, too.
  • Treats for Sadie and Milo (their two dogs) had their own basket.

It was such an improvement over knocking the bag of chips off the shelf while trying to retrieve a box of snack crackers.

You get the idea.

  • Storing toys and knitting supplies in baskets is a good way to keep them handy but out of the way. Lidded baskets are ideal but even open top baskets will corral clutter.

Etsy Baskets Stuff and Etc.Like these baskets from Etsy…very clever, right?  They’re just two of a dozens of great baskets available.  Here’s the description for these two:

…Wicker brown bins for storage of home stuff, with bamboo handles. The label can be changed on your order. Wicker baskets for closet organizers or for use as kitchen bins (storage of vegetables, fruits and kitchen tools), bathroom bins (storage of towels and bath accessories), bedroom bins (to your things organized and always have on hand). Made of recyclable materials (papers), coated with water-based varnish, which gives them durability and moisture resistance…

Wire Baskets

Here’s an example of the type of basket I’d use in a pantry cupboard.

It’s a 4-pack and each basket measures 16″ x 9″ x 6″ high.

You can easily see what you’ve got in each basket. This set of baskets has great reviews. Here’s what one buyer had to say:

There is nothing not to like about these storage bins. I was able to organize my pantry and can now for example just pull out the breakfast basket and have everything we could possibly need neatly contained and in “one trip”. They easily stack on top of each other if stored items have about the same hight. I would buy these bins again.

Lots of the reviewers bought them for refrigerator and freezer storage, too.  They’d be great in a linen closet or on closet shelves.

Etsy Bath Shelf OrganizerIf this bathroom shelf organizer with towel hooks isn’t the coolest bathroom storage idea, it’s close.

It’s from Etsy and it’s one of their handmade and made to order items. I just love it.

You’ll have a choice of ten colors for the shelf and you can choose from Aged Bronze or Satin Nickel hooks.

Or you don’t have to have hooks but I sure would.  Small bathrooms need all available storage pieces. Hooks are brilliant storage tools.

Practicing what I preach…

If I didn’t have multi-purpose storage in my own small home, I’d be up a creek without a paddle. I utilize every inch of my home. I have just two bedrooms and two (smallish) bathrooms and I live in Arizona so houseguests are a way of life every winter.

The small closet in my guest bedroom has a collapsible laundry hamper and a hanging shelf system for guests to use for their clothes. It’s not fancy but it serves the purpose very well.  Sleeping bags and a stack of beach towels are stored on the top shelf.

I got the hamper at Walmart, actually. I have two of those…one white and one black. When I don’t have houseguests, I have them both in my bathroom closet.

It’s important to me that my friends and family are able to empty their suitcases, settle in and relax without rummaging around in a suitcase for clothing every day. The luggage is stashed in the other half of the closet.  I have yet to have houseguests who haven’t unpacked so I know it’s appreciated.

I also have the medicine cabinet in the guest bath empty so they can put toiletries away while they’re here.  Under the bathroom sink I have a basket with a hair dryer, razors, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, body lotion, etc.

For even more smart storage solutions, read on:

If you love a DIY project, look for an old trunk or wagon at a flea market and turn it into a one-of-a-kind coffee table. You’ll have a unique piece that will be a conversation starter, for sure.

Keeping the bedroom neat is important and using under-bed storage is sensible.  For example, if you don’t have a linen closet, lidded storage bins on rollers work great.

Another idea: Place a trunk or storage bench at the bottom of the bed for a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

Watch this YouTube video for clever multi-purpose furniture like a sofa that turns into bunk beds. There’s also a wall-mounted desk similar to one I’ve recommended in a recent post Best Wall-Mounted Desks.

This video is really fun and it’ll get those creative juices flowing.

So there you go…lots of ideas to incorporate good design and smart storage using your wall space, any room under beds, organizing your cabinets and cupboards for maximum space.

Honestly, if you have any other suggestions that have worked for you, I’d love to post them (pictures, too) here. Please leave a comment to let me know which of these suggestions if your favorite.

As always, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!

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    • Cheryl Kohan says:

      Spring cleaning and organizing is not my favorite chore but finding useful ideas for storage makes it easier. Thanks for the kind comment and I wish us both a satisfying and successful spring cleaning event!

  1. Chelsea says:

    I love these ideas! I love the concept of hanging things in the kitchen to free up counter space, or if you just don’t have enough cabinet space.

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