How to Organize Your Closet

Nearly every decorator or designer recommends that the very first room you should complete is your bedroom. It’s your sanctuary…the place to go at the end of a long day. It’s where you regroup, relax, rest and it’s all yours…a private retreat.

 But as we’ve established, small bedrooms are difficult to organize especially if it’s shared by two people. There’s double everything…clothing, shoes, accessories and finding space in a small space can be frustrating. So turning it into a relaxing retreat is a challenge, for sure.

If you can maximize the space in your closet, you’ll be well on your way to that relaxing retreat.

Of course, a major hurdle is making room for all of those clothes, shoes, etc.

You’ll get more bang for your buck with a really good closet organizer.  I absolutely recommend getting this in order and here’s a suggestion that’s easy to purchase and install.

Closet Maid Customer Pic

It’s by Closet Maid. It’s the Impressions line. The beauty of this is that it can totally be customized to fit your space. This particular configuration is designed for closets from 5 to 10 feet wide.

I used this system at our last home…it was perfect. And I have every intention of putting this system in the closets at my new place, too.  Just haven’t done that, yet.

If you have a big walk-in closet (unlikely in a small space but not unheard of) you could do this:

Closet Maid walk in

  • This system has drawers, shelves, and rods in many configurations.
  • There’s an installation guide and you can get it with or without drawers.
  • There are shoe racks and corner shelves…you name it.

The point is, you can make this work whatever your situation.  It’s affordable and has so many good reviews.

I would love to have your thoughts on these suggestions and any unique solutions that might be working for you, too.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

How to Maximize Bedroom Storagesmall bedroom

Small apartments or homes often have limited storage space so it’s really important to maximize the space that’s actually available. One of the biggest challenges is the bedroom, especially if it’s small. Two people sharing the room presents an even greater dilemma.

  • Sort through the clothing or items that belong in the closet or cupboard and eliminate what you haven’t used in the past few months. Do you really need that piece of clothing or pair of shoes?
  • Purchase a closet organizer to replace the single pole that is typically installed in the space. There are so many styles and price ranges to choose from that you’re sure to find just the right system for your purpose.
  • Put clear storage boxes on the top shelf to store out of season items. You’ll still be able to see what you have. Or use baskets that you have labeled.
    • Another idea for out of season clothing is to use vacuum sealed space bags. The downside to that is that you’ll likely need to press everything when you remove the clothing from the bags!

    Storage Space for Two

    So there are two of you in the room? Been there, done that! As crowded as it can be for two people sharing a small space, there are DIY solutions.

    • One of my favorite ideas is to use low chests of drawers as bedside tables. The tops are wide enough for a lamp, books and a glass of water and the drawers are perfect for clothing.

    Kiran Embossed Metal DresserMy husband had the tall dresser in the room and I used the two low chests with drawers that doubled as bedside nightstands. A great solution for a potential problem!

    An ideal height is between 27″ and 30″ and the width can be whatever size will fit nicely on each side of the bed.

    There’s plenty of room in each drawer for clothing or accessories.

    Here’s another option from Dot & Bo.

    Hagerstown Walnut 3-Drawer Dresser and TV Organizer: Dot & Bo

    • Consider under-the-bed storage, as well. Use clear plastic containers with wheels to store whatever you need to access on a fairly regular basis.


    They are ideal for shoes, for example. Because the bins are easy to roll out and can be opened from either end, it’s easy to choose the shoes you want to wear, then slide the bin back underneath the bed. Perfect!

    I think this makes sense regardless of the size of the room or the number of people sharing it! The key is to think outside the box!

    Utilizing Vertical Spaces

    Storage in a small room can be created vertically, as well.

    • Use the backs of doors and walls as storage 5.-Use-the-back-of-a-bathroom-door-to-hang-towels-29-Sneaky-Tips-For-Small-Space-Livingsurfaces. This idea of attaching two towel bars to the back of the bathroom door is nothing short of brilliant. But the same principle can be applied in the bedroom. It would be perfect for hanging ties or scarves or even towels, for that matter, which frees up space in the bathroom. Especially if you only have one bathroom.
    • Consider attaching hooks to the back of the door or to the bedroom walls in an organized manner. It’s an attractive and functional solution.



    I love these decorative hooks, too, for keeping jewelry in order. Every opportunity for being organized should be a priority in a small space.

    wall hooks

    These suggestions can be applied to just about any room. You’ll be amazed at how simple it will be to keep everything in order once you actually have it in order!

    See which of these ideas will work for you. You’ll find that it’s easier to stay organized once you get organized!

    Your thoughts?

    I’ll be pleased to post photos of your small bedroom storage solutions so be sure to send them to me in the comments!

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