How to Personalize a Small Space Rental

Challenge: Personalizing My Small Space

Renting rather than buying your home can present another challenge…how do you personalize your small space while keeping within the terms of your rental agreement?


This photo is of an apartment in New York City’s West Village.  It’s bright and open and only 500 square feet!

I know you’ll enjoy this Apartment Therapy video of two apartments in the West Village including the one pictured above.. They are both rentals. They’re in the same building and have identical floor plans.

This is a perfect example of how to easily and inexpensively personalize a rental apartment.  Notice how just changing the wall color makes such a difference in the vibe of each apartment.  Also, one is pretty much a wide open space where the other has been divided into “rooms”, so to speak.

So just imagine how you can employ these same small space ideas into your own tiny abode! Enjoy.

Your thoughts?

If you’ve got a great idea for personalizing a small space rental, please comment…add pictures, too, if you like!

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