Open Kitchen and Living Room Design

It’s a big deal in new home design, these days, to incorporate a great room into the floorplan.

Now, we’re talking great rooms in very large houses. Families want an open kitchen and living room design in their homes.

It’s the place where the whole family gathers and it’s perfect for entertaining.  It’s almost a given that you’ll have a great room in new home construction.canstockphoto2818192

It’s sensible since most people spend the bulk of their time at home in the kitchen area.

If you’re cooking dinner, how nice is it to be able to watch the news or visit with your family or friends while you’re working?

Face it…it’s the thing to do, these days.

So what’s the difference if you’re in a small living space?  Really nothing.  It’s just smaller!  It’s where you’ll be most of the time, anyway, right?

Here’s a slide show that will illustrate what I mean – there are 18 examples of great combination living/dining designs:

I think my favorite takeaways from this video are that once you choose a focal point, you can separate the areas with rug, wall color, dining tables, peninsulas, etc.

One of my favorite slides is #11 (I think) with the purple couch and the pumpkin colored chair.  The next slide with the sassy green tiles is a close second.  But I love them all…just depends on the basic layout of your small space.

This is simply another take on living large in a small space. We just need to adjust the parameters…a small living area rather than a large living area.

So what’s your favorite?  How can you merge your own living/dining/kitchen space to maximize the size of your small space?

Let me know in the comments!

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Living Large in a Small Space

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The primary challenge for living large in a small space is how to create a warm and inviting home while finding the best use for every square inch without creating clutter.

That’s quite a challenge, wouldn’t you agree?  But it’s not impossible.  It might just be the most rewarding home project you’ve tackled in a long time.  What a feeling of satisfaction you’ll have when you stand back and realize what you’ve accomplished!

Here’s a video I think you’ll enjoy.  The end result is quite inspiring.

This is the living/dining room, of course, but it’s the space where they spend the most time.

I love the table which can be used as a desk but expanded when you are entertaining. The wall mounted cabinets were a stroke of genius and created a perfect spot for the bicycles.

The only change I might suggest is that they swap out the sofa for a daybed which could be used as a guest bed.

Please share your thoughts on these ideas…I’d love to include your suggestions here, as well.

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