The Best Small Kitchen Cooking Tools

I don’t know if cooking tools is the right wording for title of this post…there are utensils, gadgets, pots & pans, etc. but I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.

The most important characteriIMG_0164stic is that if everything you use in a small kitchen is multipurpose, you’ve conquered a big challenge.

For example, my cast iron skillets…I love them.  I actually have a three.  They’re perfect for the stovetop because the heat is conducted evenly throughout the skillet.  Plus, they’re easily moved into the oven.

I’ve had my skillets for years but they’re readily available. Amazon has this Universal Housewares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 3 Piece Skillet Set. (6.25 inch, 7.8 inch, 10 inch). I often sear either a beef or pork roast or brown pieces of chicken and then put the skillet in the oven with some root vegetables, a little wine or beer (depends on your recipe) and finish the dish in the oven.  Yum!

Look for anything that “nests”…bowls, measuring cups, baskets.IMG_0167

My daughter has a set of nesting bowls like these and I loved them so much I bought my own!  They’re the perfect size for cereal, soup, chili, stew…even a generous portion of ice cream.

Your thoughts?

So what space saving cooking tools do you think should be included, here.  There are so many choices. Anything that isn’t multi-purpose or easily stored needs to be evaluated for its usefulness.

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