Cat Friendly Small Space Decor Ideas

Cat friendly small space decor ideas

If you’re a cat lover and have a small home, it’s a challenge to stylishly decorate and keep it cat-friendly, as well.

Cats are typically lively little creatures and will play with anything that’s not nailed down.  Fragile accessories and easily scratched surfaces are probably not the way to go.

You already know that living in an apartment or small home can be boring for your furry kiddo.  Cats are perfect pets for small spaces partly because they’re often snuggly and contented housemates and because they are pretty low maintenance…you don’t need to walk them every day!

But they do need a certain level of activity to keep them healthy and active. This new story on Apartment Therapy is all about making your small apartment more fun for your cat! 

I love this photo of my daughter’s cat, Eva, watching a squirrel nibble on pumpkin seeds. She was mesmerized!

Eva watching a squirrel

Sitting in front of a glass door or lounging on a window sill or cat shelf are just a few ways to make sure your cat is entertained.   It’s what I like to call “crittervision”!

I just know you’ll get a big kick out of this excellent article on 25 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas for Cat Lovers.

A bonus is that many of these suggestions can be DIY friendly.

My favorites are the All-In-One Cat Bathroom…  All-in-one cat bathroom

Cat bed planterAnd the Cat House Planter!

They’re both functional AND stylish!

Here are a few tips that are especially useful.

  • Make sure your cat has plenty of toys.  They’re easily bored and that can prove to be trouble! Keep the toys in a low basket to make it easy for your kitty to choose his favorite.
  • Use throw rugs and slipcovers.  There are some beautiful but inexpensive rugs (slip-proof) and slipcovers available. Easy to wash or to shake out the cat hair.  My daughter purchased inexpensive white (yes, white) bedspreads from Ikea to use on her furniture.  They’re really lovely.
  • Use candles with caution…better, yet, don’t use real candles, at all!  I’ve learned to love the battery-powered pillar candles.  They are so realistic looking, these days, and if you forget to switch them off the house will not go up in flames!
  • Secure accessories with  Collectors Hold Museum Putty.  It’s removable and non-toxic and the review are excellent.

If you can, choose furniture with exposed legs, rather than skirts…pet hair and dust can gather underneath furniture with skirts making it hard to clean.

If you can’t use a slipcover and you can’t teach your kitty to stay off the furniture, place a throw across the seat…it’ll give your cat a cozy place to perch and will be easier to clean.

Use a semi-gloss paint on the walls to make removing paw prints or cat hair (that stuff can be like a magnet to a wall!).

Try to place a piece of furniture under a window (without having delicate accessories on top) so your furry friend has a place to perch and watch what’s happening outside. Or purchase a pet shelf like this one that’s designed for that purpose. Deluxe Cat Shelf

If possible, brush your cat on a fairly regular basis because that will keep the hair to a minimum. And once they get used to it, cats do like being groomed.

From time to time, I’ll update this post when I come across other good ideas for creating attractive, functional and cat-friendly small space decor ideas.

Litter BoxUPDATE:  Want 10 Ideas for Disguising or Hiding a Litter Box?

They’re here in this post from Apartment Therapy My two favorites are the 2nd and 4th ideas (pictured is #4)…what’s your favorite?

If you have found a particularly successful solution to any of these dilemmas, let me know…post photos and tell us how you solved a problem!

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