Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Multi-Purpose Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Multi-Purpose Furnishings = Smart Storage = Smart Decorating

It’s true!

It doesn’t matter one whit what size room you’re furnishing but it’s especially smart when your space is small.  

It’s all about Smart Storage

In the living room, bedroom, study…

  • Small chests make great side tables in the bedroom or living room.
  • A small chest is a good place to store books, magazines, and that remote control that’s forever getting lost.
  • Place a small chest by your front door, hang a mirror over it, add a small lamp and you’ve created an attractive and useful entryway.
  • A basket for mail could sit on top.
  • Mittens, hats, keys, maps, etc. can be stashed in the drawers for use when you need them but out of the way when you don’t.

In the Kitchen…

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Bar Carts are Still Hot!

Bar Carts are Still Hot!

Call me old fashioned bar cartBar Carts are Hot! – A Classic Idea in Home Decor

We’ve talked about the importance of multi-purpose furnishings for small spaces.

There are so many multi-purpose pieces of furniture but one of the best is the bar cart.

The History of the Bar Cart

Did you know that bar carts were originally tea trolleys in the Victorian Era (1837-1901)?

It’s true!  They were then used at cocktail parties at the end of Probhibition (1933).

Bar carts/serving carts are perfect for almost every room in your home.

It’ll add a classy touch to your dining or living area. Terrific when you’re entertaining. It’s super easy to move wherever the party is happening.

Even better, it’s excellent storage…especially if cupboard space is lacking.  And these days they aren’t just used as bar carts or tea trolleys.

Here are eight excellent ways to use a bar cart in your home.

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