How to Get More Space Without Moving

More space in the same space!

This doesn’t seem to make sense but follow along and you’ll see that it actually does! If moving just isn’t possible for whatever reason, you will surely find ways to get more space without moving in this wonderful slideshow from Houzz.

There may be features that you cannot change that you’ll have to live with.  For example, in the kitchen, you might just have to learn to live with what’s there, after all.

As Cheryl Freeman, the author of the article points out:

…if you have a stove, fridge, sink and enough counter space for a chopping board and toaster, you’re doing just fine.

So, there you go.  One less stressor.

 This Book is a useful guide for finding more space without moving!

There’s a terrific book that emphasizes the importance of decluttering. The go-to reference is decluttering guru Marie Kondo. She has a multitude of fans!

Kondo’s theory is simple. She says, “Your real life begins after putting your house in order”.

Check your local library for Kondo’s book or purchase The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing at a local bookstore or online. It’s packed with sensible strategies for organizing your small space. (affiliate)

My daughter was visiting me when she spied the book on my shelves. She picked it up and loved it so much she asked if she could take it home! Of course, I let her do that.  And I promptly replaced it!

Clearly define each area – It’s smart space planning.

Cheryl Freedman, from Houzz, points out that in a small space, “The key is clearly defining each area so its purpose is obvious.”  Then, choose furnishings that serve that purpose and that purpose, only.  If you live alone, you don’t need a dining table that seats twelve!

picture of wall stud shelves to get more spaceSmart space planning is the most important element to achieving more space without moving.

Consider moving or removing a wall.  If you can gain more living space by removing a non-load bearing wall, by all means, check out that possibility.

If you don’t want to remove the entire wall, a pony wall or half-wall would serve two purposes…it would define your space while making the space feel larger!

Another genius way to gain a bit more storage is to create shelving between the studs in a wall…a clever niche can be fancy or not depending on the need.

It would be perfect placed behind the bathroom door, for example, because that’s pretty much wasted space, anyway.

Plus, if you mounted a sliding mirror over it, you’d have hidden storage and a full-length mirror!

picture of a bedroom wall niche to get more spaceHere’s a bedroom niche that’s pretty AND functional.

Check this link to DIY Network’s step-by-step instructions on how to make your own wall niche.   How To Make A Wall Niche.

Good old Pinterest has dozens of ideas for wall niches and even pins on how to create them. Some are lighted to highlight decorative treasures.

There’s a pin on how to cover a niche but keep the storage.

I really like the idea of a wall niche in a bathroom because so many bathrooms lack storage.

Another excellent how-to book for getting more space without moving!

Could you use a how-to book? I really like how-to books because I can easily refer to the instructions as I go along.  If I have an interruption, no worries…I can easily return to my task with the instructions right at hand.

Even if you eventually have to move to a larger home, I hope this post gives you some breathing room.

I’ve been in my small home for a couple of years and I’m still tweaking the spaces now and then. My next project?  To turn my tiny utility room into a laundry center.

What are your thoughts?

What projects would you most like to tackle? Have you thought of other ways to get more space without moving? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Stay tuned!