Best Organizers For a Small Garage

tidy garageTake Back Your Garage!

How would you like to pull into your garage without worrying if there’s enough space on each side of your car?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to retrieve packages from the trunk or back seat and not have to walk sideways to get to the door of the house?

Well, it can all happen if you just designate one weekend – maybe even one day – to getting out there and make it happen!  We’re talking about the best organizers you can use for any garage but especially for a small garage.

Wall Storage

Rough Rack 4 x 4 Tool Rack

Rough Rack 4 x 4 Tool Rack

Here are some best sellers:

The product description of this great rack states:”

All racks are Constructed of welded powder coated steel and hold over 100lbs of equipment Perfect for both home and commercial use – garage, maintenance facilities etc.”

The reviews are excellent – check them out. Think of everything you can store on the walls and a couple of these should do the trick!

Overhead Storage

Honestly, if you can put your garage ceiling to use, you’ll be amazed at the number of things you can get out of your way.

This video from Jay’s Custom Creations gives step by step instructions for creating overhead storage in your garage.

Cabinets and Counters for the Garage

How about this beauty! It’s the Stack-On CADET-SET 6-Piece Garage Storage System by Gladiator Cadet. The dimensions are 20″ deep by 38″ high by 74″ long. And it weighs 130 pounds. The cabinets are fully lockable and there are full-length piano hinges on the doors.

You can get variations on this theme, also…just figure out what your needs are and browse what’s available.  Most of these require at least some assembly.  One of the nice things about this is that often you’re eligible for free shipping.

So there are tons of possible solutions for garage storage.  Some nice day this spring I’m heading out to my mess of a garage and taking charge.  I’ll post photos when I do (this should keep me accountable, right?)

Here are some of the pieces that I’m considering:

I’d really love to know how you’ve solved your garage storage problems.  Let me know if you agree that these are the best storage solutions for small garages.  Or any size garage.

Thanks for stopping by…

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