Tiny House Designs in 2019

Tiny Modern Cabin in Slovenia
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Tiny houses are perfect multi-purpose dwellings.

They’re incredibly popular and, although most people think of them as just tiny houses, I know a writer who has one in the family’s back yard and it’s her writing studio.

The average size of a tiny house is 500 to 700 square feet which is about the size of a studio apartment but many of them are much smaller and still meet their owners’ needs.

A tiny house could be a lake home, a guest cottage or a yoga studio. They’ve even been constructed for businesses as retail kiosks.

Here’s how a family in Massachusetts built an amazing backyard building on their $10,000 budget! It’s amazing.

A backyard building on a budget

This is a beautiful backyard addition to their home. It even has an outdoor shower.

And that’s just one great idea…read on for more inspiration.

Lillevilla Escape Tiny Cabin
Lillevilla Escape Tiny Cabin

This sweet cabin is 113 sq.ft., a great little getaway.

One happy reviewer said he purchased this plan to live in while their larger home was being created and now they’ll use it as a guest house.

The pictures of this Lillevilla tiny house at This Link are of a real owner’s cabin.

The interior is just beautiful, as you’ll see. That’s Nordic Spruce tongue and groove solid wood.

Believe it or not, it can be assembled in one full day by two adults!  The kit includes step-by-step instructions and requires minimal tools.

You’ll probably want to include added insulation if you’re using it year-round but according to the description, “in most climate zones floor and roof insulation will be enough”.

NOTE: One reviewer living in Arizona struggled with the climate. Before he could get his kit constructed, many of the boards had warped.

I can vouch for the fact that many species of wood aren’t suitable for desert climates. When I bought my Arizona home, I wanted to have hardwood floors installed. The flooring company advised that unless I would be here year-round (which I’m not), the extreme heat in the summer could damage the floors. So I settled for a high-end laminate and it’s perfect.

Tiny House in MauiA tiny house in paradise

This is a great story about a couple on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands who figured out a way to live affordably in one of the most expensive states in the United States.

It’s beautiful inside and out…I’d move there in a heartbeat!

A Tiny House on Maui was posted on the Design Sponge website. You’ll love it, I know.

What do you think? Could you picture yourself there?

It’s all about maximizing space!

Some really special features of tiny houses work perfectly in small spaces of any sort.  For example:

  • Lofts
  • Multi-purpose furniture with storage
  • Vertical storage like shelving high on the walls
  • Built-in furniture like Murphy beds
  • Skylights
  • Dormers
  • Smaller appliances
  • Streamline design elements

A wide variety of tiny house kits are available for sale.

This model is $4,290 on Amazon and it’s eligible for free shipping!

This is just one of the thousands of kits available. Here are a few more listings on Amazon.

Tiny House Talk

In 2007 Alex Pino of Tiny House Talk began exploring ways to minimalize his lifestyle and lower his expenses. He started a website dedicated to tiny house living.

Tiny House Community in Kansas City
Tiny House Community for veterans in Kansas City

In 2009, he moved from a 1400 sq.ft. home to a 450 sq.ft. apartment and started the Tiny House Talk blog.

There’s a wealth of information about anything you could want to learn about tiny houses, small houses, micro houses, container houses, etc.

There’s a listing of homes for sale, house plans for sale, workshops, contractors, videos, and lots more.

Their newsletter is full of great articles, too.  In August 2018, Alex wrote about a Tiny House Community for Veterans in Kansas CityThey started with 13 houses with plans for many more. It’s an inspiring read.

Dwell Living Room in TrailerDwell just posted an article about a tiny dwelling that is absolutely beautiful!

It sold for $72,500 and the couple who bought it loved it because it was inspired by the sea and it sold within a month of being listed.  Here’s the link to the article.

Can you believe this photo? Notice the large windows for abundant light. Wait until you see the rest of the space. It’s just stunning.

So what do you think?

Has this article got you thinking? How would you use a tiny house…to live in or as a studio or guest house?

How about trying one on for size?

Tiny Modern Cabin in Slovenia
Tiny Modern Cabin in Slovenia

Tiny House Talk has links to vacation rentals.  You can rent a tiny house in Colorado, Georgia, California, Hawaii just to name a few states and even overseas in Slovenia and Greece.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has hotels in several states.  For more info and locations (map)

Tiny House Hotel

For $40 per night, you can stay in this beautiful mountain getaway in Colorado.

Top of the line amenities in this 5-Star Listing includes (quoting from the website):

Gorgeous new top-of-the-line Tumbleweed Tiny Home located in scenic and bustling Fairplay, CO (of South Park tv show fame!) is awaiting you for your next mountain getaway! Perfect for anyone seeking a cozy and relaxing mountain experience.

– Enjoy world-class hiking, hunting, fishing, and gold-panning.
– Visit South Park City museum, historic reconstruction of gold rush mining town
– 30 min.from Breckenridge ski resort
– 40 min. from Buena Vista

The Space

Amazing Tumbleweed tiny house features:
– Interior made entirely of solid pine
– Both heating and air conditioning available
– Kitchen with large basin stainless sink and induction cooktop
– Queen bed in loft and twin bed downstairs

Business Based Tiny House Opportunities

If you’d like to develop a business based on Tiny Houses such as building a tiny house community or an RV park, you’ll find information at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website.

In Conclusion

So this is just a primer on the possibilities with tiny houses.

If you study all the wonderful ways space is maximized in tiny houses, you’ll realize that so many of these principles can apply to any small space.

Let me know what you think and how you might be able to adapt some of these ideas into your own small space!

Thanks for stopping by…stay tuned!

(Updated 3/24/2019)

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2 thoughts on “Tiny House Designs in 2019

  1. Jen Kohan says:

    I love this post! My tiny 12×12 cottage in Minnesota’s north woods is a lovely getaway… someday I hope to add a second, slightly larger cottage and context the two via an enclosed breezeway.
    I love my little ‘Tuff Shed’ turned tiny cottage — you can design your own at 888tuffshed.com

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